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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Atheistjustin Welcomes You

Hello person reading these words,

If you are reading this, it is for one of two reasons.

The first, is that you are a follower of me in the social media sphere and you saw me put up a post for this link. This is my last post before I venture out across the country.

The second, is that you have stumbled upon my blog via the pieces of paper I put all around the country as I went on a cross-country road trip my sophomore year of college.

For you newcomers, I would like to explain a few things:

 1. this is not a religious website. Do I believe in God? No. Do I know for a fact that he doesn't exist? No. Do I like guacamole? Honestly, sometimes I think it's a little overrated.

2. this is a blog run by me, @atheistjustin. Follow my nipples on twitter if you'd like constant updates on when my posts are published and to be reminded how unfunny I am online.

3. your opinion matters..... not *Borat voice* there is a comment section at the bottom of my posts. Feel free to say whatever you'd like. If my opinions/thoughts/posts offended you, I'm sorry. You typed the web address in, though.

4. the thoughts expressed in this website are the sole property of myself, atheistjustin, and do not reflect any other parties, organizations, universities, alien organisms, nipple hairs, siamese twins, atheists, jews, circus clowns, prostitutes, Koreans, or Britney Spears.

On a sidenote, has anybody seen Britney Spears lately? Is she dead? Updates would be nice.

5. most if not all of my posts will be about my life and the events that happen in them. These will be humorous and use profane language.  Often, intensely profane language.

6. I will often make references to races and stereotypes but I am in no way a racist. The only races I hate are ones where they make white people run against black people because we all know whose going to win.

Thank you for viewing this blog. Enjoy.

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