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Hey assholes. Check out my new podcast here:

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Podcast Episode 5

Hey Assholes,

So, as you may or may not know, I have started a Podcast called the "Not That Great Podcast." I think the name does it a lot of justice. You're not going to be disappointed- you already know its not that great.

If you've loved reading the stories and tales of my young life that I've written down here, now you can LISTEN to me bitch and moan about the way my life goes. This will totally help you get laid.

Whether you're a newcomer who saw an ad for this website in Rutgers, or you're a faithful fan like Alice TvsivilikhovRussianasfuckY, I hope people all around the world think I'm funny and give me money.

I've also done a cool ~~thing~~ and successfully purchased '' While this was a ridiculously hard task my senior year of high school and paid an Asian kid in my English class $150 to make a website that didn't work on phones, it's a lot fucking easier now.

I also added ~~~links~~ on the side of my blog where you can A. Purchase a copy of my book 'Drugs, Drinks, and Cigarettes,' B. Check out the soundcloud where my podcast is held, and C. Fist Yourself.

This newest episode of the Podcast took me a while to upload because I ran out of Upload space on my soundcloud and debated whether or not to go and spend $15 a month to Go Pro and continue to upload my shit.

But, considering I spend $15 for a hand job at least twice a week, I figured this was a solid investment.

I know you're probably mad at me because I haven't been loyal to you. I've been busy working in a shitty office doing the 9-5 GRIND that is American Life.

And while my 11:30am shit is the highlight of my work day, I am making a solid amount of money to adequately afford all the things my young, white, entitled self want to buy. (Like sound clouds and websites).

Anyway, check out my new episode using the link on the side. If you're on your phone, I'll add the link below.

I leave you all now with a picture of a ham sandwich.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Not That Great Podcast with host Atheistjustin

Hey assholes.

Sorry I barely keep up with this shit anymore. I've been busy working, fucking off, masterbating, FIFA, MMA (a new hobby), and starting up my own podcast.

the "Not That Great Podcast" is available on all of your Apple devices under the Podcast app. Simply search my name "Atheistjustin" and you'll find all of my rage poured out virtually onto the internet- this time in Audio form!!!

Check it out if you get the chance. I love you. Also, this website might get its own domain name again. Updates to come.

I love you all. Thank you for staying loyal. Also fuck you.

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