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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Atheistjustin, Senior, God Amongst Men, and a Role Model For Children.

This will be my last blogpost on this website.

No, don't cry. This is good news. My adventure of creating a new website entitled "" is well underway. My nipples are as hard as yours are. But, with the Summer's last day passing quickly, I wanted to write one final post, one last hoorah truly telling you all about my Summer.

My summer last year was sprinkled with trips to New York, Parties in which I almost got arrested, and had an encounter with a Demon Woman whom attempted to suck out my soul. This summer, I ate a lot of McDonald's, grew a mustache, and finished watching every episode of the Sopranos.

Clearly, I am moving up in the world.

And since I have had 2 jobs, I have been busy and thus unable to keep up with writing on this piece of shit website. Also, recording my album has been a little bit of a hill in the road. But whatever, because here I am. So fuck you.

Now, as Senior Year approaches, I will be not only drowning in the immense work of College Applications, 2 Jobs, Homework, and Peer Leadership, but I will also be building a website where you fuckers can hear my shitty music.

If you haven't heard my shitty music yet, you can hear the Demo Version of "Junkie" down below.

As I was writing this, I checked my e-mails to find that my 4th grade teacher messaged me about my Senior year. Here are a few quotes:

"you're a faggot.."

...."wish you had died in the womb..."

" are the reason I no longer believe in God."

Whoops sorry, those are actually the e-mails my grandmother wrote me. My 4th Grade teacher wrote this:

"I am thrilled to hear about all that you have accomplished! Remember, this is just the beginning for you! From the very first day that you entered fourth grade, I KNEW you would go far! "

"I cannot wait to read your first of many novels, and I will be so proud to say that I taught you!"

"As senior year begins, I know you will continue to “push” your classmates and teachers forward with your ideas. Get ready to “change the world” Justin Cassidy Hawthorne …be it Rutgers, Pittsburgh, or Penn State,  college and the world is waiting for you!
Please keep in touch!
(Hello to your mom, dad, and grandparents!)"

Excuse me now as I go cry in the corner for roughly 15 minutes.

I feel fucking old, I remember being in that class and goofing off, playing with pencils and my penis while my teacher discussed math. It's nuts that 4th grade was 8 years ago. Like damn. 

Since this will be my last post on here, I think I should leave it off with a series of photos, showing how much I have grown since the foundation of this blog. I know I'm getting sentimental and corny, but look how fucking ugly I was.

And then look at how ugly I still am.

And then try to stop vomiting.

As you go through this final montage of Atheistjustin, take a notice at how my facial hair style and my overall attire change over the years. 

Also, a thank you to the people that have helped make this blog so successful, and a thank you to all of my fans that have read it. I hope you all like the official website as much when it comes out.

Special Thanks to Alice, Becky, the Lerminator, Noah, Joe, The Group, Nicollete, James, Farah, Bell, Sandy, Jesus, Moses, George Washington, My Ex Girlfriend(s), Nicole, Nicole, Nicole, Nicole, Tracey, Sam, Hayley, Arianna, Kathleen, and Mom.

I couldn't have amassed 25,000 page views without you guys.

THE Mike Thomas,


I leave you all with the picture of my album because my new website will have 2 parts: One part for the writing, the adventures of Atheistjustin. The other part will be a place where you can download my music, the music of my friends, buy merchandise, leave comments, make donations, and order Korean Hookers online.

Still working out the technical, and legal kinks of that last one.

And so,, I bid you an ado and say 'go fuck yourself'


So, I had the website for a while and...

Yeah, fuck that shit I'm back on this shitty piece of shit. 

Missed this place. 

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