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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Nonsensical Ramblings of Atheistjustin.

A lot of people may be expecting me to have some sort of post regarding the recent presidential election, but my response to that is fuck all y'all mofuckas. I can't vote, therefore I don't care. When 2016 comes along and I'm 20, I'll start to give a flying fuck. Until then, all you elephant-sized bitches can suck my donkey nuts.

How's that for a fucking political cartoon?

Truth be told, I don't have much to write about, but I feel obligated since the last thing I wrote about was Hurricane Sandy. And since that news isn't headlining anymore (cause it's 3 days old), I feel as though I should replenish my blog with up-to-date news. With that being said, my balls are itchy, and I am currently scratching them.

Maybe I should regard the fact that I never had a Part 2 to my blog about Hurricane Sandy... oh well suck my dick.

I apologize for all my cursing, I did too much heroin.

I just asked my girlfriend, whose name on this blog will be Red Snapper. what I should write about. This is due to the fact that I am an uncreative fuck hole and lack the creativity to think of shit.

She told me American Horror Story.

So here we go.

If you don't watch this show, you shouldn't. When I first saw commercials for it appearing I was like "eh, dudes, blues, balls, wieners, cocaine, and hipsters." But after Red Snapper got me hooked on this season, I have been more glued to my television screen than my own semen after watching pornography.

Just kidding I don't watch porn on my TV.

If you don't believe me when I say that this show will fuck with you psychologically, maybe you should grow testicles and watch the intro to at least one episode.

I'm not putting a link up, because I'm too lazy

...Well that topic is over. So let's try a new one.

My cousin asked me today about my book and it reminded me that the yellow piece of shit existed. When I call it a book, I mean it more as an experiment. The book is less than 100 pages and that's because I knew the only people reading it would be my friends and family, and teenagers, in Manalapan.

I knew it wouldn't be a best seller or something that would make me rich and famous. I was testing the waters to see what it would actually be like when the days would come of me hopefully being a professional writer.

Ya bitch dazz my future wut u gaht!?

^The genius writings of Atheistjustin.

But anyway, people still ask questions about it and I'm sure somewhere in this big piece of shit Internet, someone might be interested in wasting $10.00 in buying a book.

So here's a link to that.

I highly recommend buying it because I'm amazing and if you stalk me or find me I will totally sign it for you and possibly give you oral sex.

Well, I think that's long enough for a blogpost, and if it isn't, than I will leave you with a picture of Emilio Estevez.

Atheistjustin, out dis bitch.

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  1. Emilio looks pretty pleased with himself, like he's just been watching porn on his computer with his grandma's bra on his head.


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