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Monday, August 6, 2012

Atheistjustin is A Piece of Shit

The above title is very well known to most of my friends, associates, families, and former girlfriends. Hell, most people that talk to me for 30 seconds come to realize that I am a pretty large dropping of fecal matter. Oh well, what can I tell you? I'm normally too awesome for most people anyway. Well, lately, I have just been such a Scummy McScumhead that I've decided to tell all my 7 folowers about it.e

"Justin, what have you done to make you a piece of shit," is a question that nobody has/will ask me. But god damn it, I am going to answer it anyway. So, lately, I've been active on my tumblr. Yes, I know, it's very homosexual for me to have a tumblr, but it's fun when it's 1:43 in the morning and all of your damn friends have jobs and can't stay up with you and since you've already eaten and touched yourself 5 times, tumblr is about the only thing you have left. <--- Run on sentence.

Well since tumblr is open to millions (more like 100,00's) of people, I figured it's a good way to get a couple more clicks on my page. How? (This next paragraph is for non-tumblr peeps).

Well, when you post something on tumblr it goes on your followers' timelines. This can be equated to Facebook or even Twitter. But unlike Facebook, you reblog it. It's just like retweeting it. But when you go to reblog it, you have the ability to caption it if you'd like. Normally, if anyone captions it, it's something acknowledging how funny/sexy/sad/gay/unsanitary/Michael Jackson it is.

Instead of positive criticism, I prefer to put a link to this very blog. :) This is one of the most dickish things I've ever done because now, whenever someone reblogs the particular post, they have to go through the trouble of deleting it. Since most people on tumblr are either lazy girls or lazy gay guys, nobody cares enough to delete my link. So instead, my link just keeps getting passed to timeline after timeline.

I am a fucking genius.

On top of spamming tumblr, I have also been annoying my Twitter and Facebook friends about my blog. Actually however, fortunately or unfortunately, I have deleted my Facebook.


Because Facebook is fucking awful now. I keep seeing all these dumb memes and these ridiculous posts from unfunny idiots. The only posts of value or importance are of the dumb slutty girls that have pictures of their boobs and rears exposed.

For real doe bitches, what the fuck are you doing? You are all 12-14 years old and if you really want that "sexy, hot, sweet, cuddling, nice, Harry Stiles looking, boyfriend" that you keep making statuses about, then act like a lady and stop giving blowjobs to kids for cigarettes.

Yes, that has really happened, I have heard stories.

Besides, the only people that use Facebook anymore are just using it to find events and get invited to parties. I don't even like parties, so the reasons for me to have/go on Facebook has gone from 2 to 0. Oh well, oh well.


I have been in contact with Barnes & Noble about getting my book into their stores and I should be sending a copy of my book and a letter to them soon. Even if I get rejected by them, it'll still be cool to have their rejection letter. If I actually get into Barnes & Noble, then fuck this blog, I'll write a second book.

Also, I have finished writing my script. All I have to do now is print out several copies using whatever services I can (probably Staples) and then send it out to directors. Hopefully, someone will want to buy it. If that doesn't work out, then okay, at least I tried. If it does, then fuck this blog, I'll kiss myself on the mouth.

No matter what happens though, I will always have mad love to all of my fans and will definitely keep in touch with you guys in the future. Actually, I probably wont, because I am a piece of shit.

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