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Thursday, April 19, 2012

My frendZ

For those of you that have been reading, I've mentioned my very good friends Joe, Noah, and Matt. I haven't gone into detail about any of these characters but I figured I will now. In addition, I'll mention some other side kicks of mine. Without these people, I'd most likely be writing these things in a jail cell.

To keep it short and make sure its not too gay, I'll just write the persons name, a short description, and a sentence about them. Really good friends of mine will also have a quote and a picture. These are not arranged in any particular order, so don't fucking cry to me later that you're not the first name. And please don't take offense if you're not in it at all, I just got really tired and stopped caring.

Noah Goldberg=Jewish, 5'11, dirty blonde, 0.25 inch penis, kind of looks like he has autism but after talking to him for 30 minutes you'll realize he's not mentally retarded. One of the best sentences of all time, "I took a shit and it smelled like vodka."-4/4/12

Joe Sada=Italian, 5'8, black hair, looks kind of like Drake, 0.5 inch penis, he's cute and cuddly and can't fight, though if you anger him enough, he will punch you in the head. "Yeah bitch? Why don't you kiss me in public?!"-1/17/12

(yes, this is his yearbook photo. I have it framed in my room. He is called Gay Lover for a reason.)
Matt Dizenhaus=Italian/Jewish, 5'5, brown hair, looks like he has mental disabilities (he probably does), he's pretty much that one friend that I've never really ever had a problem with. "Justin, let me just cut your hair right here, right now."-4/26/10

Jolee my imaginary black jewish friend

5. I have pictures on my phone, but not on the computer, frowny face.
Kiana Konders=Half black, 5'7, brown hair, she has a huge badonkadonk and she's my neighbor, unfortunately for me, she's not into atheist white boys. "Bitch, I don't give a fuck."-everyday

Jordan Delaney=White as my penis, 5'7?, dyes her hair every week, she's a new member to mah crew but I enjoy her company and her basement is the shiznit. "What is this fuckery?"-unknown date

Ethan Siegel=Jewish, 5'8, black hair, he's cute and cocky and makes me want to rub my nipples. Also, he's single ladies. Tweet me for his digits. "Oh Shit! I have a soccer game tomorrow I'm fucked!"-4/3/12

My acquaintances from Manalapan=While I sincerely wish I had the time and energy to write a little for every single one, I simply do not. I love all my associates from Manalapan and even though half of them are spoiled white kids, I love them all.

My acquaintances from Freehold=Once again, I have so many of these people that I lack the ability to write about them all. Unlike my Manalapan bitches, I barely ever get to see these people, so bumping into them on the weekends is a treat. While many of these people are potheads that work at iPlay America, I love them all with all my heart.

(Yes, I am massaging her foot, I have a foot fetish. If you're into that ladies, hit me up.)
Neeks Petosa=Jewish, 5'9, brown hair, big tushy and a big heart. She's got a big nose too, but I love it lots.

Well, this is a short, sweet list of my homies. Anymore people I come in contact with and write about I'll have to describe in the post I mention. The main focus people in this post are Joe, Matt, Noah, and Ethan as they are my tightest boyz. Yes, I know I am white.

Oh and happy 4/20 to all my stoners out there. I'm sure I'm going to have something to write about after this weekend.

I just really hope I don't go to jail.


  1. almost every picture is in my house LOL

  2. Replies
    1. i'm so flattered to have someone that just wants to mess with me


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